Travel Kit – Sony A7III & 24-240mm Zoom

What should I take for photography when traveling? This question seems to come up frequently when I’m packing for a trip. Depending on the type of trip: business, holiday, planespotting, etc. my travel kit could change. My default for now is the Sony A7III with the 24-240 mm zoom lens setup (note the image below is the A7III with the kit 28-70 mm lens).

Why Zoom and not Prime?

Most of the articles and blogs I read about photographers and travel end up with a prime lens or multiple lenses on their trips. My goal is to fit all of my camera gear and associated travel stuff, i.e. laptop, in a single carry on bag. Once you start adding additional lenses, it is easy to exceed one bag.

With my one bag preference, a prime lens would easily work to limit the size of my carry on. However, my personal photographic style is varied. I like to photograph macro items, such as flowers, as well as wide angle views like landscapes. Further, as a flyer for my travels, I have the opportunity to shoot aircraft. This is where the zoom lens really comes into play. A prime would be good for the flower and landscape shots, but not so good for airplanes. While at the airport, I rarely know where I’m going to be observing the aircraft movements, therefore, the zoom lens is the best choice for me.

This discussion is had in the video (below) as well, but I provide example shots and have a side by side comparison of the A7III with my old Sony A6000 (you can get your own A7III from Amazon here).

Sony 24-240 mm Zoom

The Sony 24-240 mm zoom lens was selected primarily as a comparable upgrade from the 18-200 mm lens I used on my Sony A6000. With the full frame A7III, I essentially have the same kit setup. I got my 24-240 mm lens from Amazon here.

Sony 24-240 mm full frame zoom lens
Sony 24-240 mm full frame zoom lens

Sony’s 24-240 mm zoom lens is a whopper, weighing in at 1.7 pounds. This is not a light travel setup. If you want to travel light, go with your phone and be happy! If you want some zoom, like I do, you’ll end up with some weighty glass. I’ve included a side by side picture of the crop sensor A6000 with the 18-200 mm zoom lens with the full frame A7III with 24-240 mm zoom lens. While the two camera bodies are close, the lenses are not.

Sony A6000 versus A7III
Sony A6000 versus A7III size comparison with zoom lenses


As I’ve discussed, my travel priority is versatility when shooting on the road. Sony’s 24-240 mm on my A7III gives me that versatility. Stay tuned to my Instagram for shots taken with the A7III. Shots from the A7III and posted to Instagram will include the hashtag #sonya7iii for easy reference.

Please check out my camcorder, a Sony FDR-AX53, as well. Thanks for your attention and Happy Travels!

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