Maldives 2017

I’m not even sure where it began. Was it sometime in 2009 after visiting Europe for the first time? I know it was before dinner with our friends Chris and Joc in 2013. I’ve tried regularly to pin down my first recollection of this place called the Maldives.

I see it regularly today while looking at epic vacation and holiday destinations by others on Instagram, these photos of “huts” perched over the crystal clear blue/green waters. Before my visit, my thoughts were tended to follow this line of thinking: “Surely it doesn’t really look like that? The photographer must have enhanced the color…surely such a place is just the creation of social media and marketing?”

Depending on your geographic savvy, you may or may not know that the Maldivian archipelago is almost exactly on the other side of the world from my home base in Idaho and most of the United States, resulting in a ~12 hour time difference (depending on your starting location in the US). Is such a place that you’ve only seen in pictures actually worth the trip?

I can happily tell you YES…the sand is beautiful, the water colors are amazing and even more vibrant in person, and you are quickly rejuvinated after all that travel (the welcome massage was a great aid). I still smile like the shot above when I look at my pictures from that holiday.

I may never remember when I first heard of Maldives, but I know my first of what I plan on being many visits, was in May of 2017. We began the long trek from our home base in Boise, Idaho to the Baros island resort in the Maldives.

The journey from Idaho included flights to Los Angeles, Narita (Japan), Singapore (+an overnight), Male (Maldivian capital), and finally a speedboat to Baros Island. All together it came out to approximately 40 hours of travel time from home to resort.

For reference purposes, the return trip was slightly less at only 34 hours but included a 14 hour flight from Singapore to San Francisco, skipping the gas stop in Narita, Japan. Turns out I prefer more two flights totaling 18 hours instead of one flight of 14 hours, but I’ll save that opinion discussion for another day.

Our week at Baros Maldives was more wonderful than I anticipated. Every member of the island staff was amazing and friendly. They went out of their way to provide a multitude of gluten free food options for me, right down to gluten free cookies delivered to our villa each day!

We spent one night in a beach villa, and six amazing nights in an over-water villa with a pool. Crazy to think that a over-water house has an over-water pool as well.

This holiday has had a lasting impact on me; not a day goes by without something during the day triggering a Maldivian memory. When I look at the various #Maldives photos on Instagram, I’m happy I can comment on the Baros photos: “the best place I’ve ever been!”

As I update and refresh my website, I’ll be adding additional details about that trip and point you to YouTube where I’ve visually documented parts of the Holiday.

With that in mind, here is the compilation video from Baros Maldives and I’ve included some of my favorite photos in a gallery below. I hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to pass along any questions you might have!

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