Sony RX0-ii Mini Camera

My latest camera acquisition is the Sony RX0-ii mini camera. My YouTube channel are trip reports, and this camera is ideal for that purpose. With 4K video capture, 15MP raw image capture, and built in intervalometer, this small camera has the features I want!

This camera provides the quality I require within a compact package. I’ve posted the un-boxing video of my Sony RX0-ii mini camera (above) and have more content in the pipeline, including a compilation of samples (scheduled to post July 21, 2019).

One additional feature that drew me to this camera is the flip over screen. With the acquisition of this camera, I’ve begun to step out from behind the viewfinder and put myself in front of the camera. This Sony RX0-ii has a flip-up screen making it useful as a vlogging camera.

What’s in the box?

Not that I want you to skip the video, but the box contains the camera, wrist strap, micro USB cable, NP-BJ1 battery, charging cube, a black clip on thingy, and a pile of manuals. Of course, when you do watch the video, I hope you’ll LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE.

Sony RX0-ii Uboxed Contents
Sony RX0-ii Uboxed Contents from my YouTube video

One thing I finally figured out the use of after several near corrupted files, was the use of the clip-on black thingy. If you plan on using the RX0-ii in a Vlogging setup with external microphone, you’ll need to remove the waterproof cover to gain access to the microphone port. Without the black clip thingy, the micro SD card can become loose. Your worst case scenario in that event is failure to record or a corrupted media file.

Sony VCT-SGR1 Grip

This Sony VCT-SGR1 grip provides a record start/stop button, zoom and image capture button and connects to the RX0-ii via micro usb cable. The micro USB cable is not removable from the VCT-SRG1 grip. I’m using this as a Vlog grip.

Sony Vlog Grip VCT-SGR1
Image copy from of the Vlog Grip VCT-SGR1

In addition to providing a Vlog grip, the grip has legs extendable to create a mini-tripod. I use the mini-tripod with the intervalometer to capture images for a time-lapse photo series.

Real World Captures

I’ve collected the footage for several flights on the RX0-ii mini camera as I write this blog post. These captures were from my first American Airlines flights ever and took me from Boise to Atlanta via Dallas. I’m writing this blog entry prior to the production and posting of those videos. I’ll be posting those videos in the coming months.

Sony RX0-ii Mini Camera Lessons I’ve Learned

What have I learned using the Sony RX0-ii mini camera?

First, the image quality is great. I’ve used this camera to capture footage for trip reports and create photo time lapses. The first trip report is a first class experience on American Airlines from Boise to Dallas, now posted.

Second, the battery life is not great and charging at this time is only via the camera. Sony manufactures an external charger, the ACC-TRDCJ for use with the NP-BJ1 battery. My initial purchase included a second NP-BJ1 battery. Unfortunately for me, the ACC-TRDCJ external charger is on back-order everywhere. I was thankful that the seat on my American Airlines flight had a power port. Two batteries supply sufficient power for me to capture one 2 hour flight. Unfortunately, I had another two hour flight to follow! Without near constant use of the power ports I’d be in trouble with only two batteries. As a result, I’ve purchased an aftermarket charger with two additional batteries to improve my power supply when traveling.

Finally, when capturing long duration video, like a takeoff or landing, I’ve overheated the camera. I’ve not experienced overheating with my Sony FDR-AX53 camcorder and found this surprising. Thermal management should be considered if you are capturing long duration videos.

Should you want to purchase your own Sony RX0-ii mini camera, you can find it at Amazon here. It’s a great little camera and I love it!

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