2020 Year in Review

2020 is OVER! I’m guessing most of us are glad about that and have hopes that 2021 will be much, much better! It’s been many months since I got around to putting up a new blog entry (frankly, I really like to edit video, writing, not so much), and so it is time for my 2020 year in review. My video has lots of fast clips, so if you have any questions about any of the clips, post a comment and I’ll address them that way.

Travel Map

Right up front, the travel map does have one mistake, I actually ended 2020 with 43 flights. My last two flights, Boise to Denver and Denver to Phoenix occur after the video above.

Regardless, 43 flights in a year of a pandemic feels pretty good to me. At the start of 2020, I will tell you this is not the travel map that I expected to be looking at in January of 2021. I was debating between an extended trip in Europe trying out British Airways, Easy Jet, Air France, and Virgin Atlantic. Another option was an literal trip around the world with SkyTeam or the One World airline alliances. And of course a return trip to the Singapore Grand Prix was on the list. I’ll be holding off on those for obvious reasons right now.

trizity traveling 2020 travel map
My 2020 Airline Travel Map

2020 Favorites

Now what were my favorite travel things in 2020? Let’s start with my favorite seat: United Polaris business class. Now don’t get fooled, United airlines has two types of Polaris. Definitely look for the “new”! I’ll be on this for one of my first international flights when the word re-opens from Covid…

united airlines polaris business class seat
My favorite seat of 2020, United Polaris business class.

The service level post March/April lockdown is reduced. I’m lucky to catch my favorite in flight food pre-lockdown on an American Airlines flight way back in February. The Zoe’s Kitchen Charcuterie plate was amazing! I pre-selected it not knowing exactly what a charcuterie was, I’d do it again. Mostly gluten free, just avoid the pita chips and rounds.

zoes kitchen charcuterie
Zoe’s Kitchen Charcuterie
beautiful sunset colors with waves on the beach
2020 is over!

That’s a Wrap!

Those are the highlights that stand out for my 2020 year in review. If you want more detail, each trip report and destination tour video are on my YouTube page www.youtube.com/trizity.

Did you have any travel highlights in 2020? I’d love to hear about them, so please comment below!

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