Space Center Houston

Nerd Alert! If it wasn’t clear already, I love aviation. That love of aviation includes space and rocketry. So a visit to the Johnson Space Center in Houston is high on my nerd to do list.

In addition to the video, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite photos from the Space Center, enjoy!

Independence Plaza

Independence Plaza hosts the Space shuttle Independence on it’s Boeing 747 transport aircraft.

Saturn V Rocket

While watching footage of the moon launch missions, my favorite clips are the Saturn V rocket lighting up and shoving everything into the air. The ignition of the massive F-1 engines is amazing! Seeing it in person was a thrill. I was surprised at the size of the rocket, just huge! Stop by Rocket Park to check out an F-1 and J-2 from the Saturn V.

Project Mercury

The first steps to the moon came with Project Mercury. Faith 7 from Mercury 9 is on display in the gallery. It is a stark difference to the Saturn V; quite small in comparison. A Mercury Capsule is on display in Rocket Park atop the Redstone Rocket. Check them out before you head inside to see the Saturn V.

Apollo Mission Control

A separate tram tour takes groups to visit Apollo Mission Control. I’m unsure how much of the mission control building is still original, but regardless, it is a lovely recreation in the actual room, at least. Visitors get to view the room setup as if the actual moon missions were active, pretty cool!

That’s a Wrap

I had a great time at Space Center Houston. If you are into space and aviation, I think you’ll have a great time!

Happy Travels!

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