Delta Airlines A330 Flat Bed-Atlanta to Salt Lake City

How about a Delta Airlines A330 Flat Bed trip report? Today our wish is granted with this trip report for my flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake City. Did I mention this trip report is my first flat bed?

I have several international trips on my resume, but there are plenty of things I’m still eager to try. Today, I am able to check off two new experiences: a flat bed seat and an outdoor airport observation deck. Sorry to be be redundant, but I love the flat bed Delta One seat on this Airbus A330!


But before I get us to the flat bed, I visit the Delta SkyClub in the F gates or international terminal within Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta. This is Delta’s sole SkyClub offering a SkyDeck in Atlanta. If you are unaware, a SkyDeck is an outdoor observation deck within the SkyClub. A great selling feature for this SkyClub that is sure to entice airplane lovers to visit.

international terminal f gates
International Terminal – F Gates

I think many travelers like getting close to aircraft, and the SkyDeck provides a great opportunity to view airplanes up close! Visitors are outside providing a more sensory rich airport experience than watching planes through glass alone. A visitor will experience the engine starts, departures, landings, and aircraft views un-muted by the enclosed terminal making the sights and sounds better and a great experience for an AvGeek.

skydeck in atlanta
SkyClub SkyDeck


I’m told this SkyClub is full later in the afternoon which makes sense as most international flights to Europe depart late in the afternoon from Atlanta. Before a lengthy transcontinental flight I’d be looking for some comfort as well! My visit was prior to an early morning flight so the club was mostly empty. In fact, while on the SkyDeck, only one other person even came outside.

Atlanta SkyClub at the F gates
Interior view of the SkyClub at the F gates

Flat Bed

But for all of the Avgeek awesomeness of the SkyDeck, the highlight for me was the pending flat bed seat. I have been hoping for a Delta upgrade to one of these seats for some time…unfortunately for me, one has never materialized. So today, I paid the upgrade fee to make sure I was able to give it a try!

A330 First Class cabin
A330 First Class cabin

Boarding the Airbus A330 is done via a mid-cabin door (often the case on Boeing 757s as well). I love making the left turn after boarding into the First Class cabin. I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity multiple times and it never gets old!

Based on my reading and YouTube watching, these particular seats are an older “Delta One” seat. Delta has rolled out Delta One Suites on its fleet of new Airbus A350 aircraft; I really want to try those out!

Gluten Free Breakfast

One additional perk on this flight is my favorite Delta gluten free breakfast: an egg white spinach frittatta, roasted potatoes, sausage, fruit, and an Udi’s bagel. A great gluten free meal!

When selecting special meals with airlines, you are given the opportunity to pick the type of meal, i.e. gluten free. Unfortunately, they don’t detail the meal you will be provided, therefore, I’m guessing at the exact details on this meal (I’ve heard that Singapore Airlines does allow early meal selection in their Premium Economy, but I’ve not verified this as fact).

I recently emailed Delta asking for the exact menu for this breakfast, and as of now, I’ve still not received the menu. The Delta representative misread my email as a question about not receiving my GF meal. To apologize, they deposited Skymiles into my account for compensation. Efforts are ongoing to get the menu details! Delta is awesome no matter how this turns out!

Delta One Gluten Free breakfast
Gluten Free breakfast

Next Up

Next week I’m adding to my gear reviews with a show and tell with my Sony A7iii with my 24-240mm zoom lens! Stay tuned and Happy Travels!

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