Trip Report – Salt Lake City to Atlanta – February 2019

Trip Report disclaimer: I use the header “trip report” as this seems to be the typical naming for what I’m providing via YouTube. Many trip reporters grade the trip at the end; I do not. My preference is to share what I captured and let you draw your own conclusions. I am always happy to answer questions and clarify anything that might be unclear in the video. To that end, I’m providing some additional thoughts on this blog. And now to today’s trip:

Today’s travels take me from Salt Lake City to Atlanta with Delta Airlines. If anyone is aware of my YouTube, you may be wondering where is the connecting flight from Boise to Salt Lake City? I’ve done that connection so many times with Delta, I won’t be trip reporting that segment unless I change it up and use a different airline, so no Boise-Salt Lake segments are upcoming…I have posted several Boise-Salt Lake or the return, just a 40 minute bus ride, you can check them out on my YouTube if you are interested.

This was a morning flight and I took the opportunity for a quick visit to Salt Lake International’s Delta Sky Club. The Club let’s me get away from the buzz of the terminal and grab a quick bite (they do have gluten free options) and a drink. On this visit I ran into an old co-worker and we had a quick chat, that’s really why there isn’t much footage from the club itself.

After the quick drink, I’m off to board, As I mention in the video, I specifically chose this flight to get on a wide-body jet; today’s flight was on an Airbus A330-300. I prefer the flying experience in a widebody over pretty much any other single aisle aircraft. A twin aisle aircraft just seems more comfortable.

I had purchased the upgrade to Comfort + and was in one of the earlier boarding groups and since I don’t normally put a bag in the overhead, not boarding first isn’t an issue for me. I may be one of the rare travelers that prefers to check a bag, and with my Gold Sky Miles status, it is free.

What actually surprised me was the snug feeling of Comfort +. I’ve received or purchased several upgrades to First Class/Business class over the last year that I’m clearly spoiled. Here’s my view:

Plenty of room, just spoiled. If you have access to Seinfeld re-runs, there’s a great episode about Jerry and Elaine taking a trip, he sits in First Class, she ends up in economy…Explains it better than I could.

The last bit I’ll mention is snack time. I didn’t really eat in the SkyClub and given the flight duration, just about 3 hours, I chose to purchased the Tapas box. It contains many gluten-free items:

Not a bad choice for a gluten free traveler; only the multigrain crackers must be avoided. I will say the Harvest Snaps Napea Crisps are tasty but have an odd texture. I think I like them…

That’s all for this flight, if you have any questions about this trip after watching the video, please feel free to ask!

And as always, Happy Travels!

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