Stuck in the Middle Seat – Off to Vegas


Do you like to sit in a middle seat on a flight? I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but I love to look out the window on a flight. Views from the air on a clear day are spectacular, and I find myself wondering what’s happening on the ground below? Unfortunately, I have kids that also like to look out the window. Consequently, I get stuck in the middle seat on family trips. At least Vegas is on the other end of this middle seat!

Delta SkyClub – Seattle

We were traveling through Seattle in the morning and couldn’t pass up the chance to share the Delta SkyClub in Seattle with the kids. This lounge is a favorite of mine. I prefer the breakfast service since this seems to have a good selection of gluten free food including eggs and fruit. If you happen to be an airplane enthusiast, or avgeek, like me, this SkyClub also offers great views of the ramp. As a former resident of the Seattle area, I happen to be a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks. It just so happens that Delta is a sponsor of the Seattle Seahawks and displays a Super Bowl winner ring and jersey in the club. Super cool!

Not that the SkyClub is a favorite of both of my kids. One loved it, the peace and tranquility, but the other needed pizza! Classic teenager food, and while on vacation? Why not!

Not everyone likes the breakfast at the Delta Skyclub, pizza as an alternate?

Off to Vegas! In the middle seat…

The middle seat is normally anathema to me. On this flight, sitting next to both of my kids, it was nice. I love to travel and sharing my passion is always a good time. We have been to Vegas more than five times as a family, yes as a family. That statement is often looked at with shock, as in: “how can you take children to sin city!” Las Vegas has plenty of family fun, which I’ll discuss in a later blog. First let’s discuss the flight and my middle seat.

I’ll never lean over a single serving friend to take a picture out the window. Thankfully for me, I was related to the young man in the window seat and he didn’t mind when I took my pictures. I even managed to catch an OK shot of Mt. Rainier when departing!

In the complaint department I’ll include the snack selection. Previous Delta flights have had something called a “snack mix” that is gluten-free. My last two Delta flights have only had cookies, pretzels, and almonds. I really miss the snack mix and hope it comes back. I’m flying with Delta this week, so we’ll see whats available.

Beyond that, this Boeing 737-800 needed some updating and/or a thorough cleaning. These seatback screens are dated and small. Still better than a seat without a screen and I expect they’ll be updated soon as Delta refreshes their fleet. The tray table had some unknown crud as well, kinda nasty.


Regardless of the middle seat, small screens, and non gluten-friendly snacks, it was still fun flying. This was my first flight with my children as SkyMiles members. The amazing flight attendants gave us a “thank you for being a member” card, a small but thoughtful touch!

Thank you card to us for my kids first flight as Skymiles members!

On this visit to Vegas we stayed at the Tahiti Village resort and had a great time! Stay tuned to this space for a future blog all about the resort and our week in Vegas! Thanks for coming along and don’t forget to checkout the 2019 Warbird Roundup!

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