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Looking for a Holiday Gift or have an aspiring photographer who needs some new equipment, here’s my gear available at Amazon:

My primary camera is the Sony A7iii. I love it! This is a great mirrorless full frame camera with a growing fleet of lenses. Worth every penny!

When traveling, I use this Sony 24-240mm lens. I like the flexibility this lens provides and helps me compose the images that please me.

When I’m plane spotting, I use this Sony 100-400mm super zoom lens. It replaced a similar 70-400mm super zoom but fits the Sony A7iii without an adapter.

I’ve moved to the Sony RX0 ii Compact 4K Camera for my trip reporting. It is a great compact camera and is not an action camera replacement, in my opinion.

I attach my RX0 ii Compact camera to the Feyiutech G6 gimbal when I’m walking around to improve my footage. Full disclosure, I’m still waiting for a firmware upgrade to control the camera from the gimbal.

My old trip report and planespotting camera is the Sony FDR-AX53 camcorder. This is a great all around 4K camcorder and is still compact enough to fit in your bag.

I’ve really started to enjoy night photography. For successful image captures you’ll need a tripod. My travel tripod is the Manfrotto BeFree. Light and compact it fits easily in my suitcase.

If you’re camera is not mounted to a tripod, it will likely be on a camera strap. I’ve moved to the Peak Design camera strap. Easy locking adjustments all it to be worn around your neck, then adjusted to fit across your body in moments. The strap features quick release connectors to remove the strap. Makes it easy to put it on the tripod without the strap.

And last, but not least, you will need lots of video cards if you are shooting video in 4K. I use SanDisk 128Gb cards and given my insecurity, I don’t like to get any bigger. Grab a case and buy several cards! Better to have multiple than lose all your footage when a card fails.

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